Future Vintage Digital Magazine

Future Vintage is a cutting-edge social media magazine that explores the intersection of AI and art. With a focus on AI-generated art and storytelling, the magazine features a diverse array of content, from thought-provoking essays and interviews with industry leaders, to stunning visual galleries and curated collections of the latest AI-generated creations. Whether you’re a …

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FRSHWV – Teen Music and Tech Festival

Client: FRSHWV : TEEN MUSIC AND TECH FESTIVAL Project: Design the branding and overall creative direction of the FRSHWV Festival Job/ Tasks: Brand Design / Web Design / Graphic Design / Brand Strategy / Product Design (2020) – The FRSHWV™ festival brings young creators, engineers, artists, and thinkers into the same room with thought leaders and those excelling …

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Creative Tech Works

CTW was a culturally digital atelier that I co-founded composed of like-minded artists who share the vision that Good People with Great Ideas can carve a brighter future for humanity. We are a studio that specializes in creative insight, technological innovation, and design.

The HUMN App

HUMN is a revolutionary mobile app that utilizes brain/computer interface technology to create a unique social media network. The app allows users to share their feelings and moods by connecting to a device that reads their brainwaves. Users can then post updates, share their emotions with friends, and even view a real-time map that shows …

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